FREE Community Car Wash

NO donations accepted!  “We just want to show you God’s love in a practical way!”

April 30th – 9am to 1pm

Car Wash Sponsorship

YOU can bless our local community AND sponsor a youth to go to camp!

The youth will be washing 50 cars. See below how much to sponsor per car  /  in total

$2.00 per car =


                $0.50 per car =


$1.50 per car =


                $0.25 per car =


$1.00 per car =


                $0.20 per car =


$0.75 per car =


                $0.10 per car =


Sponsoring is easy!

Instead of having the youth keep track of cash, please make a check out to “LakeHaven Church”
VERY important – put  “Yth Camp” in the memo & give it to them to turn in ASAP.


Give online by clicking the “Sponsor” button at
Please make separate sponsorship donations for each youth so they can be reconciled.


If a sponsored youth does not go on the camp, funds collected will be used to make the camp a
success for all the youth that do go. No refunds on sponsorships can be given.

All car wash sponsorships need to be turned in by May 15th.
It is the youth’s responsibility to collect sponsored funds or verify that it has been received online.

Thanks for your support of our youth AND community!