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I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. (3 John 1:2)

In this world you will have trouble, BUT FEAR NOT…

Ever since our Lord and Savior loved us, entrusted us with His passionate Cause; shared His inheritance with us His Ambassadors here on Earth, we the Church have faced troubling times. Some much more challenging than others. He told us these would come. He prepared us.

Storms rattle and shake, but as we make the Lord and His Kingdom our first priority, our treasure, we stand and even rest peacefully, confidently, and securely. He alone is our Rock. Our Fortress. Our Deliverer! Our confidence is not in circumstances, people, or mammon.  We are NEVER left alone! We look to Him not the waves.


LakeHaven, in light of these circumstances, we remain prayerfully vigilant with determined obedience to Holy Spirit guided instruction & wisdom.

It would not be walking in love to put anyone, in or outside of the church, in any danger. Taking drastic measures early, is wise to effectively deal with this contagion. We believe it prudent that we follow temporary Presidential recommendations and limit gatherings for the next few weeks.

We respect your personal decision should you choose to completely isolate yourself for health or other reasons. We expect that you will – first and foremost – listen to the Holy Spirit within you to guide your decisions.

Stay connected with one another. Pray for one another. Call & encourage one another. Love one another & show care for your neighbors around you. This is a great opportunity to “shine your light”, don’t hide it. Let people see your good deeds, your love, your hope and confidence.

YOU are indwelt! YOU are Jesus to this world!

Together, in Christ, His love, and for His Kingdom Cause!

Shannon & Karin

PS.   We are excited that our Governor here in Florida made it very clear in his Executive Order on 4/1 that during this time of rampant fear, church is considered an “Essential Activity”.



Online Sunday Service LIVEstream
- We will still stream our Sunday Service LIVE at @ 10am on www.lakehaven.tv
- We will still have worship, which we encourage you to participate in wholeheartedly
- We will still offer you the opportunity to give online, or offline as you feel in your heart
- We will still offer you the opportunity to respond and request prayer from our team

Existing Life Groups

- Life Group leaders will be in touch with their participants to plan if, how and when they can safely gather (in person or otherwise)

– Particularly those in the “vulnerable” categories (65+, with underlying health conditions, pregnant mothers, etc.) are encouraged to be cautious without falling into fear.
- We encourage you to be extra-proactive in Life Group fellowship.  Reach out to others via phone, text, messenger, video calls, etc.

Prayer Opportunities
- We invite you to pray with us as we establish His Kingdom and use our Christ delegated authority over this onslaught of fear and disease and pray for our leaders and nation as the Spirit leads us to agree together
- Be open to the gifts and operation of the Spirit as He leads.. Words of wisdom, knowledge, encouragement…
- Move those mountains! Establish His Kingdom within and through us.

Mission Trip
- The team is still raising funds even though the trip will be postponed to later in the year. Date TBD.

- He is the same… you know that already!  (But it doesn’t hurt to remember)



Sunday Services at the building 

- Vulnerable members are encouraged to PARTICIPATE, WORSHIP AND FULLY ENGAGE via our online streaming service at www.lakehaven.tv either on your own, or with your family, friends or neighbors (in small groups, in healthy environments)
- Any one who chooses to join the service in the building will be encouraged to strictly follow the CDC, Presidential and Governor’s guidelines of maintaining 6 ft distance between others, frequent hand washing / hand sanitization, voluntary wearing a face mask and not forming groups of 10 or larger.  Please follow the seating guidelines to maintain the 6ft recommendation. Thank you for using wisdom in this regard!! 
- Not all facilities/services will be available (e.g. café, extra restrooms, quiet room, ministry room)  

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. Senior citizens and individuals with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By choosing to physically come to LakeHaven Church you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

– We will not be offering drinks or snacks before or during any gatherings until further notice.

Children’s Ministry
- No Children’s Classes for all services until further notice. The children’s building will remain closed.
- Leaders will be in touch with parents with resources to continue to minister to our next generation over this time.

- We will resume Overflow on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm. Please follow social distancing guidelines, including hand washing / sanitization, face masks if within 6 ft, no groups larger than 10 and the seating guidelines to maintain 6ft recommendations.  There will be no childcare or café yet.

- The Holy Spirit study devotionals are rich and super encouraging. He is our Helper, our coach, and guide!  Access those at lakehaven.tv/devo

Youth Group
- We have resumed Youth in the building on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm.

Youth Camp
- The youth are still going to be doing something awesome over the summer.  Stay connected to youth for input and updates.

- We will be resuming Grounded with Keith Bowden on Saturday nights at 6pm beginning May 9th.

Office Hours
- The office will be open from 9:00am to  noon on Mon – Thur  until further notice.

- Your pastors are available via
— Email  (shannon@lakehaven.tv, karin@lakehaven.tv and dave@lakehaven.tv)
— Personal cell numbers (if you already have those)
— Text: 352 441 3016

SPECIAL Life Groups
– If you’re not already feeling connected in a Life Group now, we will help you find one. We each NEED wholesome Koinonia fellowship. This really cannot be overemphasized!
– Opportunity to be with like-minded believers to encourage each other, visit together, break bread (or tacos) together…
- To join one of these groups text “KIN” to 352 441 3016 and we will be in touch with you.    “K-groups brewing near you!”

Ladies Retreat
– The retreat has been rescheduled for August 20 – 22. 
– Since the new date is sufficiently far away, registration will be reopened for the retreat by April 3rd
– All collected funds will remain in credit towards the ladies retreat until the new dates are announced. If you are not fully paid up yet, you have until July 30th to pay.

- We will be stronger, more resilient, more patient, more kind, have deeper relationships, focus on what matters more, WE will be -conformed into His image!


We trust that you will wash your hands, cover any cough or sneeze, limit your exposure if you are feeling sick or in a vulnerable condition.

We recommend using your extra time well.

If you find yourself frustrated, pause and check in with yourself…
When last did you eat something healthy?
- D
o you need rest?
- W
ould a walk outside be helpful?
- W
hich friend can you talk to?
- P
ut some worship music on (or something with uplifting lyrics)
- Pr
ay in the Spirit to edify yourself
- Spe
nd some time with your Heavenly Father

Please prepare, and don’t panic.  Please spread hope, not fear. Please spread love, not misery.

Please speak Truth and Good News, not rumors, facts and bad news!


If you need any assistance at all, please text the word “SUPPORT” to 352 441 3016
. We will do what we can to help!

We are committed to sanitizing regularly touched surfaces; counters, handles, switches etc after each meeting and having soap and water always available (and hand sanitizer if necessary) for gatherings at the church.

Help accessing the LIVEstream service (or archived videos)
- Watch a short video to help you find out how  > Click here
- Consider joining someone else who already knows how to access and watch together, or have them teach you how.
- If you can’t make either work, please call 352 441 3016 and we will try to help.



If you are not already “in the LOOP”, you can subscribe to our text message updates by texting “LOOP” to
352 441 3016 so you don’t miss updates.

We will be updating our website, Facebook page and Facebook Needs & Deeds group with updates