So, what is Aftershock?

Aftershock is a youth group for Middle and High school age students at LakeHaven Church. They are a committed group of Christ followers lead by a team of adult leaders fully invested in the heart of God’s love for teens.

Aftershock meets every Wednesday in the youth room from 6:30- 8:15pm. where we study God’s Word, flow with the Holy Spirit, worship, play games & have fun together to reach the lives of as many students as possible. Here the students learn the important foundation of the Bible and are shown how God is real to them in the world today.

Mission statement
Aftershock youth group always will be a safe environment where middle and high schoolers are one community, being fed the word of God, developing spiritually through discipleship, displaying the love of Christ, experiencing authentic worship, and growing close to Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

Find Aftershock on : Facebook Group AfterShock Youth