Get to know God wide

There has never been a day that God has not loved you! And there never will be. It’s because of God’s great love that He sent Jesus to become the One who would make it possible for us to be reconciled in our relationship with God.

On the cross Jesus carried the sin and sickness of all mankind for all time – yours and mine – and took our judgement… because He loves us!

God has always desired a relationship with us, whom He created in His image. A relationship that is full of peace, joy, and love! It’s what John 10:10 calls the Abundant Life.

God loves you

The invitation to respond in faith to God’s grace is extended to you right now – will you say YES to God’s love?

Pray a sincere heartfelt prayer something like this in your own words:

“Father God, thank you for your great love for me! I receive this GIFT of your salvation in & through Christ Jesus alone! I believe You raised Him from the dead and now I declare Jesus as Lord, and Savior of my life! Thank you for saving me and welcoming me home as your child!”

Welcome to the family

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