What is it?

More than Babysitting…

At LakeHaven Church, we believe that no heart is too young for God to touch. When children hear how much God loves them, they cannot wait to learn more! We want our little acorns – infants, toddlers and preschoolers – to grow into Mighty Oaks!

We engage the senses and allow them to experience a personal encounter with the One who loves them the best.
Parental involvement forms an integral part of the volunteer team that makes it possible for this ministry to do more than just babysit our little ones! (Parents are requested to serve periodically in the preschool.)

Preschool classes open 30 minutes before the Sunday service and 15 minutes before the service on Wednesdays in April, August and December.

Children’s Services

Nursery (babies through to 2 years), 2′s & 3 ‘s and 4′s & 5′s classes are open for the Sunday 10am service.
Care is provided for 2′s – 5′s on Wednesday evenings in April, August and December.

Have any questions about our Preschool?
Please Email: LakeHaven Office